Our Quality Policy

The products of SHREEMONI EXPORTS are passed through quality control, inspection, or both processes before export according to the specified quality control or inspection processes of production batch & samples applied to the standard specifications of the product. The Export Quality Control and Inspection is carried out to improve our overseas trade through quality management, assessment, and other matters.

We follow standardization and quality control such as preparation of quality assurance manuals, guidelines, documents, standards, upgradation and export testing in labs, pesticide management program, national and international standardization activities etc. that helps to control all the activities with an impact on quality with the aim of total compliance of products and services, regulations and customer satisfaction. All time, our management carries out assessment of the state of the quality system and how well it measures up to the quality policy and its aims. The general indicators connected to the quality system and the specific indicators for each of the processes are assessed with the aim of continuous improvement. We follow the guide lines of quality management, quality assurance and quality control systems as per BIS quality standards and guidelines of Export Promotional Councils of India, and guidelines of global quality certification and quality management system etc. for quality improvement and certification etc.

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